I decided to help spiritual coaches because they understand the power and energy of the universe and how that plays a role in our lives. They know how to channel that to help their clients be successful which leads them to better mental health and living in fulfillment. By helping coaches manage their businesses, I'm giving them more time and energy to focus on providing their clients with the best experience possible.

As a Sagittarius, I have always been known to be a free-spirit, adventurer, and have a passion for travel. After spending a few years working in the corporate world, I quickly realized it was not for me. It wasn't allowing me the freedom that I was longing for in life. I stumbled upon the online service based world and realized I could fulfill my aspirations of helping female entrepreneurs achieve their dream lives while utilizing skills I already had. 

My mission is devoted to help women be successful so they can in turn help other women do the same. My dream is to do this while traveling the world indefinitely and living in different countries. Did someone say Italy?

I serve burnt out spiritual business coaches quickly scaling to consistent 6 figures so they can fall back in love with their visionary selves. I commit to this promise by managing their teams, projects, operations, and implementing systems in their business so they have more time to focus on empowering other women.

About me

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Fun Facts

I'm originally from New York but I live in sunny, San Diego, CA

Music is my love language. I go to tons of rock concerts and festivals each year.

My family is from the Dominican Republic so Spanish is my first language.

I love food and travel. My dream is to be a digital nomad and live in different countries around the world.

I'm an enneagram 7w6

Myers-Briggs: ISFP; Just like some of the greats, Beyonce, Princess Di, and Mozart! (how cool is that??)

But aside from all this fun stuff, I do also work hard. I have 15 years of experience in both customer service and management roles so I know a thing or two about a great client experience. I also have 2 degrees in Marketing! (in case you're into that kinda stuff)

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